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The InterWiki map used on this wiki is listed below. The map is taken from the text in the verbatim block below. (But this only works if this page is locked.) AbbeNormal AcadWiki Acronym Advogato AIWiki ALife AndStuff Annotation AnnotationWiki AwarenessWiki BcWireless BenefitsWiki BridgesWiki bsdWiki C2find Cache Category Category CLiki CmWiki CreationMatters DejaNews DeWikiPedia Dict Dictionary DiveIntoOsx DocBook DolphinWiki DseWiki EfnetCeeWiki EfnetCppWiki EfnetPythonWiki EfnetXmlWiki EljWiki EmacsWiki FinalEmpire Foldoc FoxWiki FreeBSDman FreeNetworks FreshMeat GoogleGroups Google GreenCheese HammondWiki Haribeau IAwiki IMDB ISBN JargonFile JiniWiki JspWiki KmWiki KnowHow LanifexWiki LegoWiki LinuxWiki LugKR MathSongsWiki MbTest MeatBall MetaWiki MetaWikiPedia MoinMoin MuWeb NetVillage OpenWiki OrgPatterns PangalacticOrg PersonalTelco php-function php-lookup PhpWiki PhpWikiCvs PhpWikiDemo Pikie PolitizenWiki PPR PurlNet PythonInfo PythonWiki PyWiki RFC SeaPig SeattleWireless SenseisLibrary Shakti SourceForge Squeak StrikiWiki SVGWiki Tavi Thesaurus Thinki TMwiki TmNet TWiki TwistedWiki Unreal UseMod VisualWorks WebDevWikiNL WebSeitzWiki Why Wiki WikiPedia WikiWorld YpsiEyeball ZWiki