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The TranscludePlugin can be used to embed include whole (external) web pages within a wiki page.

Plugin Arguments

src |

 The URL of the page to transclude

height |

 The (initial) height of the transclusion frame.
 If, possible, after the transcluded page is loaded,
 the frame is resized via javascript so that it
 fits the entire transcluded page.  (See below for more.)

Bugs / Caveats

o Pages are transcluded using <iframe> tags. Older browsers do not

 support iframes.  In that case the user will be presented with a
 link to the trancluded material.

o When possible, JavaScript code is used to adjust the height of the

 iframe so that it fits the entire transcluded page.
 Unfortunately, this seems possible only when the transcluded page
 comes from the same server as the wiki page.  (This restriction is
 due to security checks built in to the JavaScript language.)

o The recursion detection code does not currently work. Be careful to

 avoid recursive transclusions, or you'll be sorry (or at least


<?plugin Transclude src="" ?>

will get you

<?plugin Transclude src="" ?>