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The ~PhpWeatherPlugin is a WikiPlugin that uses PhpWeather to display a block of text with the current weather for some airport in the world. It looks like this:

<?plugin PhpWeather menu=true ?>

Plugin Arguments


 Set this to true to have the plugin generate a menu after the report. The user will
 able to select a country from this menu, and after that, an airport and a language.
 The default value is false.


 Use this to pre-select a specific airport instead of using the default one which is
 EKAH. If you want the user to be able to change the station using the menu,
 then you have to use this as
 <?plugin PhpWeather menutrue icao||EKYT ?>
 so that the value can be overwritten when the user submits the form. If you just use
 <?plugin PhpWeather menutrue icaoEKYT ?>
 then nothing will happen when the user selects another station from the list.


 Specify the country code. You can use this if you want pre-select a different
 country than the one specified in the ICAO. So using
 <?plugin PhpWeather menutrue cc||GB icao||=KTTS ?>
 will show the current weather at the NASA Shuttle Facility, United States (KTTS)
 and at the same time give the user a list of stations in the United Kingdom. As the
 example shows, then you should use cc||=XX when combining it with 'menu'
 set to true.


 The default language. When combining 'lang' with 'menu' set to true then
 remember to use the lang||=xx form.


 You can specify the way the units are printed. The choice is between having both metric and
 imperial units printed, or just one of them. Setting 'units' to both_metric will print
 the metric value first and then the imperial value in parenthesis. Using both_imperial
 instead will do the opposite.
 If you only need the metric or imperial units to be shown, then setting 'units' to
 onlymetric or onlyimperial will do just that.