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Algunas frases que ya van saliendo:

  1. Take the red pill: Be Ghost
  2. ghosts need sex too
  3. jo ta ke, kodea askatu arte
  4. jaiak bai, Linux ere bai========
  5. ni dios, ni patria, ni windows
  6. en ocasiones veo ghosts...
  7. I have a GHOST IN THE SHELL
  8. mucho windows, poca diversión, un error========
  9. Relájate, son solo unos y ceros
  10. Gnu ?? k es GNU¿?¿?
  11. links & joints
  12. Who the hell is general failure?
  13. (libre | pirata)?
  14. Kernel Panic : Unable to stat M$ , too many ghosts.
  15. for IP in $(cat /dev/random) ;do talk -t $GHOST $IP; done
  16. Ghost or Die , GNU or Nothing
  17. Ghost for you, Ghost for your Mom, Ghost for your sisters ;)
  18. fdisk -l | grep Win . 0 Results
  19. Ghost is like wine , a little is good, lot of is dangerous ;)
  20. Ghost is not Linux , Ghost is GNU Hyper Act.....
  21. Kernel Panic: too many Ghosts in special device /dev/uni
  22. Warning ==== Ghost is coming , hide your M$ partitions====
  23. ¿Cual es la diferencia entre Mandrake y Debian? La misma que hay entre un musulman y un talibán.
  24. ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre Linux y Windows? Compruébalo tú mismo ;-)
  25. Ghost is comin'...KEEP OUT=== excepts opposite sex===
  26. Yeah=== i'm a Ghost.. and i'm proud about that.===
  27. Open your mind==== Open your eyes! Open your source code!====
  28. Don't you know what Ghost is?? Come and ask me ;-)
  29. man e-ghost
  30. Be free... Be e-ghost
  31. You'll be freeee, Ghost, you'll be freeeee
  32. 2B or not 2B, that's FF
  33. Remove the windows live, just do it.
  34. Un mundo sin Windows, un sueño, un mundo.
  35. No hay caminos para ser Ghost, ser Ghost es el camino.
  36. Let´s Freak
  37. What is the e-ghost?
  38. i took the red pill
  39. may the e-ghost be with you
  40. who's on first. who. yeah, that's what i asked, who's on first. who is on first..
  41. use e-ghost powers
  42. Violación de segmento.
  43. gcc -O2 -march=human -Ieside ghost.c
  44. Atach me to your bed o:)
  45. SOY UN FANTASMA. Libertad de código. Libertad de ideas. Get ghosted.
  46. The choice of a GNU/Generation
  47. If you can't apt-get it, it isn't useful or doesn't exist.
  48. Geek by nature, Linux by choice, Debian of course.
  49. I don´t have panic to see a Kernel panic