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The ExternalSearchPlugin creates a form to query InterWiki~s or other internet sites.

Typical Usage

<?plugin ExternalSearch

        url="InterWiki or URL"
        name="button text"



'url': Specify a wiki from the InterWikiMap or a url. Any text entered by the user will be appended to the search url. The string placeholder %s can be used to insert a search query into the url rather than appending it.

'name': Text to display in the submit button. For InterWiki sites the default is the wiki name, for other urls the default is the text "External Search".

'formsize': Specify the input area size. (default: 30 characters)

'debug': Don't really redirect to the external site, just print out the url that would be redirected to.


Perform a full-text search on MeatBall wiki:

<?plugin ExternalSearch

        name="MeatBall Search"


Search the PHP web site for a function name: <?plugin ExternalSearch urlphp-lookup name"PHP Lookup" ?>

Enter the name of a PHP function to view the documentation page:%%% <?plugin ExternalSearch url=php-function ?>

Enter any existing page name on PhpWiki to jump to that page: <?plugin ExternalSearch url=PhpWiki ?>

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