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The CalendarPlugin can be used to generate a monthly calendar in a wiki page. It's handy for PersonalWiki~s.

Individual dates in the calendar link to specially named wiki pages. The names for the "day pages" are by default formed by appending the date to the pagename on which the calendar appears.

This feature was inspired by Manila, and first implemented by GaryBenson. It was later implemented as a WikiPlugin by JeffDairiki.


<?plugin Calendar?>

will get you: <?plugin Calendar?>

Plugin Arguments

Selection of Month


 Specify the year for the calendar.  (Default: current year.)


 Specify the month for the calendar.  (Default: current month.)


 Added to month. Can be used to include several months worth of
 calendars on a single wiki page.
 <?plugin Calendar month_offset=+1?>

"Day Page" Names


 Strftime style format string used to
 generate page names for the "day pages." The default value is


 Prepended to the date (formatted per date_format) to generate
 the "day page" names. The default value is ~pagename/.



 Strftime style format string used to
 generate the title of the calendar. (Default: %B, %Y.)


 Strftime style format string used to
 generate the day-of-week names at the top of the calendar.


 What day of the week does the calendar start on. This should be
 specified as an integer in the range zero (Sunday) through six
 (Saturday), inclusive.
 <?plugin Calendar start_wday=1 ?>

Patch for 1.2

GaryBenson wrote the first calendar implementation for PhpWiki 1.2. (Since 1.2 doesn't support plugins, it uses a ###CALENDAR### token as a trigger.) Gary provides a screenshot at, a patch (on 1.2.0), and calendar.php (which renders a view of the year.)